Clients Speak:

uli K. from New york City

'’Yolanda is really awesome! Besides her knowledge of the subject, she has a very nice personality, which for me was very important. I was never taught proper financial relationship and as a result I got into an unpleasant situation with my credit history. Learning how to get yourself out of debt is not easy and can be even embarrassing, but Yolanda was very understanding and helpful. She helped me to create a plan that would get me out of debt and to build new healthy habits with money. Thank you!"

lou R.  from new york city

"Yolanda is knowledgeable, professional, courteous and helpful. She made me aware of how I could improve my credit score and clear up any errors. She also made me aware that I could get my credit score for free. She helped me realize that my credit score was better than I thought it was and explained how the scoring works. My mind is more comfortable and relaxed because I now know how to interpret my credit report. I didn’t understand it before. Now I do, and it’s given me peace of mind!"

mi J. from New jersey

“Due to the countless stories of credit card debt, I never applied for one nor cared to. My logic was, no credit cards, no credit card debt, no worries, and I quite contently lived that way until my early fifties when I received excellent and easy to understand credit card information from financial counselor Yolanda. I learned not only how to responsibly use a credit card and avoid debt, but also how to use timely credit card payments to build good credit.

She also helped me to see how having a line of credit open is a necessity in today's society. For example, if I ever wanted to own a home or in some cases even rent a nicer apartment, one of the things that the owner would do is run a credit check to see if my score is in good standing. And in all those years of me having no credit card and therefore, no record of a credit score, I would've been denied. The advice that I received from Yolanda has been critically important to my new outlook, approach and plan on credit card spending and good credit building and I look forward to being advised by her on other financial areas of my life.”