Fun Fact # 1

I am a life-long earner and a couple of years ago as a college student I participated in my college’s program designed to help us better understand policy making at the state level.  So after several weeks of preparation, we traveled to the NY State Capitol to "argue" and "vote" on a bill presented on the senate floor. Our roles were to present individual arguments formulated from the point of view of what an actual Senator might deliver. My seat was that of District 6 - one held by a Republican senator at the time - so I delivered my argument on public campaign funding as a ‘Republican.’ It was a great experience!

See my ‘argument’ here: 

Somos El Futuro Mock Legislative Session 2014 - Yolanda Ransom 'Argument'

Fun Fact # 2

I'm also an independent R&B Singer, Song Writer & Recording Artist. Seriously. What an interesting mix, hugh? I LOVE both music and finances, so I do both. Feel free to check me out and have a listen at my website "Yolanda's Voice" or check me out and follow me on Facebook.

Yolanda R. - R&B Singer, Song Writer & Recording Artist

Yolanda R. - R&B Singer, Song Writer & Recording Artist