Finishing Up Your 4th Quarter Strong (Just Like the Big Businesses Do)


So…we’ve entered the final quarter of the year. Starting next month, it will be filled with plenty of holidays and celebrations (however, if you count Halloween, this is where it kicks off). Rather than letting holiday expenses control you, decide to control them - in ADVANCE.

Years ago, I failed to do this and bought a bunch of expensive Christmas gifts for my friends and family - on credit. Needless to say, it took a while to pay it all off. I learned a A LOT from that experience.

Sit down and figure out your “spending” budget. Decide how much you want/need to reasonably spend in light of your current finances.


Then, consider setting aside money each pay period to cover your planned expenses, rather than incurring credit card debt because you don’t have all the money available upfront. Xmas club savings accounts and layaway plans (Walmart started theirs already) are also great ways to manage gift buying in advance or over time so that you don’t overspend during the holidays.

P.S – The last few months of the year leads to reflection for many of us (including me). Looking at where we are and where we planned to be can reveal important areas where we feel (or know) we could’ve done much better.

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