A Few Minutes Now Can Equal Bliss Later...

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Financial Tip of the Day

Many people don’t reach their goals simply because they don’t realize how much time and/or money their goal truly requires. And they’ve never taken the time to do the research to see what’s involved. The same is true for retirement. Many now-retired people never stopped to figure out how much they would need to save in ADVANCE to enjoy the type of retirement they desired. So they got there and had a rude awakening…often having to drastically scale back their lifestyle.

After working so hard for SO many years shouldn’t we be able to live the lives we TRULY want at that point? Take the time to use your plan’s retirement calculator to figure out how much you’ll need to save NOW to have the life you want then. It may be scary to see how much you’ll need (my figure was larger than expected). But isn’t it better to find out NOW and make the necessary changes rather than live unhappily during your non-working years? Take out a few minutes to get clarity on this (if you haven’t yet). Here’s a calculator you can use, if you’d like: Retirement Calculator

P.S. – Are you looking for a speaker to show your organization/group learn how to find money to save for retirement? I am available to speak to your group! Visit my Speaker Page at https://yolandaransom.com/yolandaransomspeaking/ or email me at yrconsulting@optimum.net to arrange a time to discuss your needs/goals.