Is Your Checking Account A Good Fit?

Financial Tip of the Day:

To get the most out of your checking account, be sure to review your statements each month. Keep an eye out for any fees that you’re paying and decide if your current account is worthwhile. ATM, maintenance, overdraft, bounce and other fees can significantly eat away at your money. If you notice a chunk of your funds being taken out to cover fees each month, it may be time to find a new bank.

Because many use direct deposit and switching banks takes time, they may stay with a financial institution simply out of convenience. And in some cases, the hassle of switching may not be worth it. Consider a potential bank’s number of branch locations and online features along with fees, to help determine if it’s a better option for you. Nerdwallet makes it easy to search for an account that fits your needs. Click on “Filters” after entering the basic info and your results will populate.

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