Many Financial Management Options Are Available If You Need Help...

Financial Tip of the Day:

I have chosen to do this work because I am passionate about seeing others thrive financially. There is a great lack of knowledge about personal finance – especially among certain groups – and my goal is to inform and coach individuals in how to acquire the skills and habits needed to build financial security and freedom.

Prosperity Now stated in this recent article that over 50% of U.S. employees are greatly stressed about their personal finances, and 42% struggle to pay their monthly bills on time. Savings shortages is another problem for 50%. It’s clear that personal finance is a BIG concern for many. The piece encourages employers to seek out financial programs to assist employees, suggesting various coaching and training services.  As a Certified Financial Coach & Consultant, I teach financial literacy to both individuals and organizations.  Ample help is available in many forms, and I urge anyone encountering financial issues to seek assistance. Your present (and future) self will thank you for it!! 

Interested in Introducing Financial Wellness Programs in the Workplace? Here's a Good Place to Start

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