Brainstorm Your Way to Financial Freedom


Financial Tip of the Day

While running errands around NYC, I had a thought (or two). I considered how easy it is to feel powerless in this unbalanced and unequal economic system. But as you go through your day, always remember that ultimately your financial destiny is in your own hands. Brainstorm to find ways to increase your earning potential through current or new skills. Or if that’s not currently possible, figure out how to keep more of what you earn now, so that you can build up long-term wealth. I am working both angles, as I build my company.

Sometimes, we may even need to take a step back financially while gaining new education, skills, employment, clients, etc., that we know will result in far greater future earnings. This is the path that I have consciously chosen for the last few years as I’ve pursued my true purpose. And I’m confident that it will work out. It does require effort and time to achieve financial independence, but I’m convinced it’s possible for you and me. Have faith in your abilities and in your right to enjoy financial abundance. Let’s do this!