Let yourself dream - again....

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It’s scary to let yourself REALLY dream.   

To dream your biggest dreams – with no filter or limiters.

A while ago, you shut yourself down.

I know what’s it like.

I did that to myself for over 20 years.

You’ve had so many obstacles and challenges to your dreams.

Plus, your BIGGEST dreams stretch you – to the core.

They stretch you SO much, you have no idea about how to even make them real.

 But that’s o.k.

The first step to achieving your truest dreams is to admit – to yourself – that you even have them in the first place.

Otherwise, the alternative is to settle…

To settle for the slow death of your dreams.

And your soul.

In 2008, I got tired of slowly dying inside.

 I decided to take a chance and take a step towards my dreams.

 And I’ve been doing it ever since.

It’s been an amazing and fulfilling journey.

And yes, I’m STILL scared.

But now I have a HOPEFULNESS and HAPPINESS I never used to have.

Instead of the never-ending gnawing hopelessness I used to live with each day.

I know it’s not easy to trust the truth: that the Universe truly wants you to have everything that YOU want.

 And to let yourself dream your biggest dreams again – with no filter or limiters.

You can really have them.

 With the right actions and support.

 Let yourself dream – again.

 Life really DOES want you to have the desires of your heart.