Getting Your Money Right for the Weekend (and Week)


Financial Tip of the Day

It’s Friday! Whoopee! For many of us it’s also payday. We’re setting up for an extra long weekend (if you have Monday off) and the opening of the Black Panther film along with ALL of the other weekend activities. Holiday sales will also entice us to spend at the stores. All in all, it should be a wonderful weekend. But it doesn’t have to be one where we break the bank (or our wallets). The answer? Sit down before heading out for your festivities and divvy up your cash for your expenses.

I take my cash, separate it, write a sticky note labeling it, paper clip it and put it away. So, my transportation, food, “fun” money and my other expenses are taken care of until my next pay period. This helps me stick to my money goals and avoid overspending. The less you use debit and credit cards, the better you’ll do with your spending. Seeing cash move out of your hands makes you much more aware of what you’re actually spending. You CAN stay on course while STILL having loads of fun at the same time. This is how to end your weekend with no financial regrets - just happy moments and memories. Have a fantastic weekend!

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