Purposeful Planning...

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Happy Monday! If you’re off today, I want to wish you a day of rest and that you relish in the a much-deserved break. I also want to encourage you to take out a few minutes to plan your upcoming week to ensure a purpose filled week. Daily responsibilities and the “unexpecteds” of life can pull us this way and that. But with a bit of pre-planning, we can make this a positive week of focused progress in all the areas that matter most to us.

For instance, today I’ll be getting my hair done, running some personal errands, and heading to a Toast Masters meeting afterwards. In the morning I planned out my week ahead by establishing my priorities and the tasks that I plan to accomplish this week. This clarity helps me move forward with much more confidence that I’m doing the things that are most valuable this week. The most successful people in life are generally NOT more talented or smarter than other people. They just do the things and take the extra steps that others don’t (or won’t). Have a beautiful day 😊

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