How Happiness, Health & Wealth Go Together


My entire life I have been a “realist.” While this is a good thing overall, for me at times this trait has led to pessimism. Pessimism is a dream killer. So, over the last few years, I have actively worked to improve my mindset. Each day I read and review positive quotes. All around my home I have quotes taped on my walls (you may have seen a couple in the background of my videos). They are positive affirmations that I see whenever I look up at or walk past the area. These quotes were all given to me by my dear sister who often takes time to cut out and clip them for me. I consider them to be priceless gifts - and the best gifts she’s ever given me.

Of them all, my favorite quote is this one here:

“I have decided to be happy because it’s good for my health” – Unknown

This quote always instantly reminds me that happiness is a minute-by-minute personal choice. And choosing happiness is a major way to protect the most important asset that I have: my health.

This past week I've been battling seasonal allergies, which have had an energy zapping effect on me. Doing everything I can to feel better has been my primary goal, so that I can fully dive back into my life’s work of helping others become financially empowered.

Maintaining our health is absolutely essential to creating the lives we truly desire. Poor health leaves us unable to work and do all the things we need and want to do to build wealth. Cultivating happiness boosts good health. We have all probably heard or read stories about people who had a positive attitude in the face of illness and recovered much faster and/or more fully than those with negative attitudes.

One of the simplest ways to DECIDE to be happy is to be grateful. No matter what is going on, there is always something to be grateful for. Looking for those things and focusing on them facilitates happiness. Happiness then promotes good health. Good health then provides the energy, passion and motivation needed to work towards our financial goals and dreams. And finally, happiness makes the often-bumpy journey to financial success smoother and much more pleasant!

Today I’ve decided to actively choose being happy (at each moment) because it’s good for my health. Will you join me?

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment. What has your experience been with happiness, health and wealth building?

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