The ONE Thing That May Be Undoing Your Efforts to Become Financially Free


Financial Tip of the Day

The truth is, the road to financial freedom is not an easy or quick one. Unless you inherit millions or hit the lotto - both extremely unlikely - you will need to earn your financial freedom the old-fashioned way: through consistent and focused hard work. And this work absolutely requires that we maintain the right mindset. I focus on mindset so much – and not just specific money techniques – because I know how critical mindset is for either increasing or undoing our financial progress.

I myself have many business and personal financial goals that I am working to achieve.  So, attaining and PRESERVING a positive mindset, filled with the firm belief that I CAN achieve ALL of my financial goals requires committed focus each day. To help me do this, I have greatly limited listening to/watching the news. I watch business news reports and no more than 10 minutes max of any news broadcasts. I rarely read news reports. Why? Have you ever noticed that the net result of watching 1 hour of news or reading a newspaper typically leaves you feeling fearful, anxious and unhopeful about the future?

I will never deny that we need to be properly informed about what’s going on. But guarding our mental space is critical to feeling empowered about our futures and our ability to master them. Excessive exposure to the news can greatly weaken our resolve and determination. I’m sure that we can all fill volumes with the endless negative media messages we receive about how we can never have and do the things that we truly want to (especially Black people). But that is simply not true.

One huge reason that we are not where we wish to be financially is because we don’t really believe that it is POSSIBLE for us. But it is. It does not come easily or automatically, but the financial freedom that we all want is within reach. Let’s keep fighting for it by strengthening our mental determination in every way possible. And getting rid of anything hurting it. Keep up the positive things you’re doing with money with your eyes on your goals. I’ll be united with you in doing the same.

P.S. -  Are you struggling to get your money under control? Do you waver between feeling hopeful and hopeless about ever having the life that you’re working so hard for? It is easy to feel stuck and overwhelmed by our money situation. I love sharing my success strategies for financial empowerment. Find out how you can book me to help your group at