Savings Equals Freedom

Savings = Freedom

Financial Tip of the Day

Savings = Freedom. That’s how I see it.

Saving money gave me a feeling of power, security and control in my jobs, rather than feeling helpless and terrified over losing my job.

Saving money made it possible for me to move on from past jobs to new jobs, as well as start my own company. When I was ready.

And saving money made it possible for me to totally reinvent my career path. And my life.

Too often we feel like saving money means depriving ourselves of everything we like.

But that’s just NOT true. Savings really do = FREEDOM.

As a professional Black woman, you can still enjoy a GREAT life and achieve your dreams life - all while saving money. I’m proof it.

It all begins with looking at savings in a new way. This is possible at any moment.

And as Black women, we could ALWAYS use more freedom, couldn’t we?