Take Time to Seek the Proper Perspective Each Day

Nothing is worth more than this day book

So today is hump day! That mid-point in the week. Half of the week is done, and we have half left to power through. And sometimes we just need an extra boost to keep going, am I right? Every morning I take out time to get my mind right by reading various self-help and inspirational books before I start my day. This helps me seek and work to maintain a proper perspective each day.

While on vacation recently, I picked up this wonderful little book,“Nothing is worth more than this day.” While I bought it for just $5 (caught a sale), it has turned out to be PRICELESS in its value. I read about 10-20 pages everyday and it helps me SO much.

Let’s get really real for a moment, ok? The truth is, as Black women (and people), we face stressors, challenges and circumstances that are unique to us, which can often produce a sense of helplessness and hopelessness within us. And as a realist, I will never skip over reality or deny what’s really happening to make myself feel better. Nor will I do so with others.

But the fact is, reality is NOT a one dimensional thing. Just as there are “bad” realities, there are “good” realities too. I read inspirational books (like this one) to help me remember the good realities. Most of us are so trained to focus on the “bad” realities (and the news does a “great” job of making sure we hear about them), that we forget about the “good’ realities.

Like, how much abundance we enjoy EVERY DAY in small ways and big ways. Books like “Nothing is worth more than this day” help me retrain myself to focus on my big and small blessings. And to NOTICE the blessings that I am receiving at each moment and every day. This gives me the proper perspective.

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend this book for you. It's a quick read, and it’s pocket sized, so it’s easily portable. You can read a bunch of quotes each day (like I do) or carry it with you to pull out for a mental “pick-me-up” whenever you need it.  I loved it so much I got some for my family (you can get it on Amazon).

I’ll leave you with one of the quotes from the book for today’s proper perspective boost:

Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” - John Updike

Happy Hump Day :)