Ultimately (after a certain point), it really ISN’T about what’s In your wallet…


Financial Tip of the Day:

Does it ever feel like no matter how much you make, you still don’t have ENOUGH money to do everything you want to do?

Now I’m not referring to those in jobs paying minimum wage, or for those just starting out in their career/jobs. Both situations used to be true for me. And in those cases, you usually DON'T have enough money - working your way up is going to be  absolutely necessary to get there. 

I’m talking about when you’ve been in your career or business for a bit…once you start making 30, 40, 50k and up...

Have you noticed that you just can’t seem to hit those big financial goals or dreams that you thought - and hoped - you would?

Do you every wonder WHY?

While you’re thinking about that, let me digress for a moment… you know those Capital One commercials with Samuel L. Jackson, where he asks, “what’s in your wallet?”

Well to use that example, ultimately, it’s not REALLY about what’s in your wallet.

It’s about what you’re DOING. And what you’re thinking.

When it comes to our money, we create and practice habits that we do automatically. Often, we do them so automatically, that we don’t even notice them anymore.

When they’re great habits, that’s when our money flourishes. But when they’re BAD habits, that’s when we get those sinking feelings of never being able to achieve our dreams.

In order to create the wealthy, abundant lives we want so much – and truly deserve – we have to become aware of our bad money habits and change them, pronto.

The very first step is to become aware of and NOTICE what we’re doing.

But sometimes after years of doing the same thing, and being too close up on our own situation, we become blind to what we’re doing. And to why it’s not working.

If you feel that might be the case with you, then reach out to a financially savvy friend or an experienced financial professional to help you get the perspective you need for your success.

Then you’ll begin to finally see how ultimately, it really ISN’T about what’s in your wallet after all.