Schedule Your Own "Health Day"


Wealth Building Tip of the Day:

So last week I spent a whole day on my health. No, I didn’t work out for 8 hours straight (although getting in those workouts is VITAL for maximum physical health).

I scheduled some time off and spent an entire day shoring up my health: physically and financially.

As a professional sista, I know that you have a very busy life, just like me. And it’s SO easy to let things fall through the cracks, isn’t it?

Like scheduling those very important annual and follow-up medical appointments.

Or like calling or contacting companies to straighten out or update financial accounts and policies.

Do you ever notice how the longer you put something off, the harder it feels to actually do it?

But when you finally resolve to just get it done and gather everything up, it becomes much easier. Notice, I didn’t say “easy “– I said easier.

I am determined to live a life of abundance and wealth – physically and financially. So that requires devoting time to make sure that both are straight.

I got my appointments scheduled and resolved, and/or got clarity on the next step needed to resolve each issue.

This type of closure diminished my feelings of chaos and being spread too thin. It also eliminated that uneasiness in the back of my mind that something is going to go terribly wrong – in my body or wallet.      

I know you know what I’m talking about. You’ve felt this way before – or are feeling it right now.

Today, schedule that next possible day off for yourself. As a matter of fact, make it TWO days. That way, you can use one as a Health Day. And the second one you make a Fun Day (no explanation needed here, right? 😊).

Schedule your time off on non-holiday weekdays, so that you have the house all to yourself (while everyone is at work or school) and you won’t be distracted from caring for you by your loved ones.

Your Health (in every area) is the most important asset you have. No one can lend or lease you better Health once you neglect yours. Make sure you keep it in tip top shape!

Good Weather & Our Dreams

Good Weather & Our Dreams

There’s nothing like beautiful weather to make you feel on top of the world, is there? After so many days of being cloudy and overcast, today is a PERFECT mix of sun and breeze. Just the way I love it! 💜
Weather like this makes me feel more hopeful about my today AND my future. But the truth is, no matter what the weather is, today and tomorrow are always bright for me – and you –  when we invest in our dreams.
So, be sure to take out some time to soak up the beautiful weather today (at least for a little while) in your busy day. Allow yourself time to daydream about your life and what you want most out of it.
Then when you’re done, use the energy and momentum of the beautiful weather and your feelings of abundance to take an important step towards your dream.
Promise yourself to take one solid action towards your biggest dream by the end of the day. That’s what I’m doing.
Because, dreaming + action = dream realized. Enjoy your day! 😊

Sis, Put YOU First (for a Change)

Girls with Locs Rock Pic

I look around and see many Sistas working so hard on behalf of everyone else at the expense of their own needs. When we do it long enough, it becomes a habit (a BAD one) that we no longer even think about. Others depend on us and we make sure we’re always there. No matter what. Even when they can handle whatever it is without us. Even when they don’t deserve it. You know what I mean, right?

As women, we’re conditioned and socialized from youth to take care of others and put everyone else first. At home, at work and in our communities. This means we often give – emotionally, physically and financially – until we have nothing left for ourselves but dregs.

Too much, we put our dreams on the back burner to build up and support everyone else. Dreams like: going back to school. Taking that dream trip to that faraway place. Buying that new home. Pampering yourself weekly with your favorite treat. Our time, energy and money are over invested in helping others achieve THEIR dreams while not setting aside enough of these things for our OWN dreams. This is tragic.

The truth is, many times we’re too scared of upsetting the established balance with our loved ones and others (who have come to EXPECT us to put them first). Changing that dynamic can be scary. And just downright unpleasant.

It’s unpopular to put ourselves first for fear of being labeled “selfish” (I know ALL too well). When we put valuing ourselves as our top priority, we often get negative reactions. From our employers, our families, our loved ones and even from strangers (yep!).

But it’s necessary if we’re to become who we’re meant to be and achieve our biggest dreams. The freedom and possibilities that come from valuing ourselves first are incredible!

I’ve been on both sides of this coin. I've been that woman giving up my resources, time and money to others because I felt like I should. Because "good" women always support everyone else. No matter how it impacts them.

When I stopped putting myself last, I encountered the negative reactions. But I learned how to deal with them and come through it stronger. And over time, I've also learned how to put myself first while STILL generously and authentically honoring and supporting my loved ones.

Sis, now it’s your turn to put YOU first (if you haven't been). It's your time, so that you can have the freedom to reach for and attain your dreams. And every step you take towards fulfilling your dreams does help those you love. It shows them how to do the same.

When was a time that you put “you” first? How did it feel? What happened? Putting ourselves first as women can be foreign. But it’s something you can get used to quickly once you experience the happiness it brings!

About Yolanda Ransom

Yolanda Ransom teaches professional Black women how to confidently master their money, so they can achieve all of their financial dreams. She is a financial educator and coach and CEO of Yolanda Ransom Consulting. She speaks and writes about personal finance and personal development. Find out more about Yolanda and her work at

The Heavy Burden of Financial Stress & Hope for Relief


Financial Tip of the Day

Financial stress is a very real and big part of life for most of us. I’ve often commented to others that I think the top 2 things that compete for our focus and concentration each day are love and money. But I believe that it is even more safe to say that for the huge majority of us, money is the number # 1 thing on our minds most of the time. Would you agree?

It seems that the further away we are from where we want to be financially, the greater our stress level tends to be. As this article explains, 1 In 4 Americans Have PTSD-Like Symptoms From Financial Stress, some of us struggling so much with our finances that we are exhibiting symptoms similar to those with PTSD.

This is very heartbreaking to me. However, I agree with the author’s statement that it’s surprising that the number of those identified as suffering from this type of stress isn’t higher. I’ve seen firsthand the bone crushing stress that debt and ongoing financial problems has had upon clients.

What I find hopeful about the article is that it illuminates the problem, providing an opportunity to seek a solution. Shame over money is one of the biggest things that causes us to hide from others and ourselves. But it doesn’t work. And it’s not necessary.

There are MANY resources, tools and types of help available for dealing with financial stress. Therapy, counseling and coaching are valuable options. There is no formula that will work for each person, so figuring out your best combination of helpful resources will be a very personal, yet worthwhile, journey.

Even if you’re not feeling stress at the level described in this piece, financial stress of ANY type steals happiness and kills dreams. Be sure to take care of you.

Take the steps you need to get the emotional, spiritual and financial help you need and deserve. You and your dreams are so worth it. 💜