How's Your Insurance Doing?

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Financial Tip of the Day:

When I work with clients, I inquire about their insurance protection. Insurance is a subject that many are loathe to talk about. But it’s very important. To make it clear, I do not sell or direct clients to any insurance products. What I DO discuss is whether they have any.  I direct clients to their HR department or a licensed insurance agent for their needs. The big problem with insurance is that you don’t need it – until you NEED it. Many employees get basic life and AD&D from their employers. But often we need to go beyond that and think about other areas of personal finance to protect. If you need help figuring it out, contact a financial professional to help sort it out. Renter’s, Critical Care, Burial, and other insurances can make all the difference between financial distress and hardship and financial confidence and progress. Make sure you have what you need – BEFORE you ever need it.