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Start Off 2018 with Crystal Clarity

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I hope 2018 is starting off joyfully for you! I'm truly excited about all the possibilities this New Year offers.

To get my New Year off to a strong and focused start, I spent a large part of the day compiling my bills – both personal and business –  for the entire year. Not surprisingly, the process took quite a while.

I included my monthly, bi-annual AND annual bills to calculate my grand expense total for the year. This may not sound like fun to most people, but the end result is that I no longer feel confused and overwhelmed about what I owe, when, and to whom.  

I now have peace of mind and clarity regarding 1) how much I will actually pay out 2) how much money I need to earn to cover everything and 3) my earning goal for the year (which is of course above and beyond my combined expenses).

An added bonus is that I identified areas where I could change services and/or providers and save some money (always a GOOD thing, right?)!!

So in essence, I ended up completing 2 steps of my “10 Tips to OWN Your Money Right Now“ which are:

2. Sit down and gather financial documents
As with anything in life, if you don’t know what’s going on with a situation, you can’t fix it. Set aside a couple of hours – distraction free – and gather all your financial papers together…

3. Create a list of all expenses
Type your list, use an app, or write it down…This includes monthly bills like rent, utilities, cellphone etc., as well as bills that fluctuate (like groceries). With fluctuating bills, write down the highest average amount spent monthly. Don’t forget to include annual or bi-annual expenses like renter’s/home insurance, life insurance, credit card annual fees, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, etc.

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Year after year, these tips have enabled me to confidently manage my money. See how they work for you.