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How to Stop "Failing" at New Money Habits

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Financial Tip of the Day

This thought came to me because I’ve recently begun meditating each day. I only meditate for a short period each morning – 10 minutes – before starting work. It has been a very calming and worthwhile activity. But to be fully honest, my mind doesn’t always cooperate. One day I had to “re-do” my 10 minutes of meditation, because during the first 10 minutes that I attempted to mediate, my mind did nothing but race with thoughts of my to-do-list and other ideas. The harder I tried to “stop” the thoughts, the faster they came. Realizing that my first attempt at calming meditation was a bust, I decided to do another 10 minutes. And this second session, I was much more calm and focused – on nothing (which was my goal). What motivated me to try again was the memory of past meditation sessions where I felt very serene afterwards. The promise of a pleasant reward moved me to try again after “failing.”

This is what I want to remind you of. When working to adopt new money habits, remember to be patient with yourself. Allow yourself “re-dos.” And keep your mind on the rewards. Some people are motivated by “fear” and “warnings” to achieve their goals. This generally doesn’t work for me. And this is true for many people. So, decide on your next money goal. Then start small. And keep going, when you stumble (which you will). The feelings of gratification that you experience along the journey are smaller glimpses of the bigger rewards awaiting you. Remember this to help you keep going.