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Make A List Before Grocery Shopping This Holiday

Financial Tip of the Day

The upcoming holiday is one that’s typically full of barbecuing and enjoying lots of delicious food with our loved ones. But before you head out to shop, take just a few minutes to make a grocery list. Check your cabinets and refrigerator to see what you already have and what you really need.

Making a list before grocery shopping saves both time AND money:  5 Reasons to Shop with a Grocery List [+ my weekly list]. A list helps you to stay on track with what you’re buying and spending. And you’ll get everything you need at once at a better price.

This will also save you from having to run out to the (much more expensive) corner store in the middle of festivities to pick up that one important item that you forgot. Plus, you’ll also save money on gas/transportation if your neighborhood ‘corner’ store turns out to be a bit more than a few corners away.