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Guilt-Free Splurging

Financial Tip of the Day: 

The other day I saw this lipstick online at Fashion Fair and fell in love with it! I really love “unusual” lip colors. So I bought it. For $18. That’s the most I’ve ever paid for a lipstick. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m not a “spontaneous” shopper. My tastes are pretty simple so I rarely splurge on cosmetics. I usually shop around for the best price first (which I admit I did here too before catching a sale at Macy’s for $18. That’s my “thing”). But no matter what, I decided that even if I could only buy it at full price – $20 (plus tax and shipping) – I would still get it.

USED- Blue Lipstick.jpg

I bought it on a whim because I really wanted it. I also had some birthday gift money left over. But most importantly, I’d already taken care of my most important bills. Whim purchases are only a problem when there actually is no money in the budget for them (often adding to an ever-increasing credit card bill) and they go over what we’re truly bringing in. So, in this case, an occasional unplanned splurge is a well-deserved treat.

I can’t wait to get it in the mail! I’ll take a pic and post it so you can see how it looks on me. What’s the most you’ve ever spent for a lipstick?

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