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“Spender” or “Saver”?

Financial Tip of the Day: 

A big part of owning your finances is understanding your personal approach to money. For me, I definitely spend money on things that increase my happiness – like good food (which I’m doing here at KFC), music, movies, concerts, electronics, etc. However, I tend to be more frugal, with a “Saver” personality. Seeing money pile up in my accounts while earning interest gives me the biggest buzz. Other people get greater enjoyment from spending their money on things they like and seeing the nice items/experiences they’ve bought pile up. Neither approach is wrong – unless it’s taken to extremes. That’s when problems arise.  In both cases, finding a balance is key.


I found this great quiz: Are You a Spender or Saver? Take the EveryDollar Quiz!  to help figure out whether you’re a “spender” or “saver.” It also reached the same conclusion that I did – finding a balance is most important.

As I expected, I’m a “Saver.” What were your results? Leave me a comment and let me know.

P.S. -  To get help finding your balance, email me at yrconsulting@optimum.net to arrange a FREE mini coaching session.