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Check Those Grocery Receipts!

Financial Tip of the Day:

Check those grocery receipts! Take 5 minutes to scan it before rushing out of the store.  I got double charged for an item the other day. It may not seem like much money, but if it happens repeatedly, it can add up. And if you’re not in the habit of checking your receipts, it may be happening more often than you realize. This can equal a lot of “lost” money over time.


One thing I HATE is getting home and realizing that I was overcharged. Next comes the internal debate about: Should I go back to the store today and make the extra trip to fix it asap? Or should I wait 2 weeks (which is how often I shop) to fix it? But by then all my groceries are home and that looks kind of suspect, doesn’t it? Showing up 2 weeks later with no groceries to explain that “I was charged twice for a box of Splenda, but I only got one.” How would they know I was telling the truth at all, standing there with an empty cart? Get my drift? So, to make a long story short: check your receipt before leaving the store. If there’s a mistake, go to the appropriate register right away to get it corrected. It will take a few extra minutes of time to do this (we native New Yorkers are ALWAYS in a rush, aren’t we?) - but your pocketbook (or wallet) will thank you for it.