I Bet You'll Never Guess What MC Lyte Prayed for: What We Can Learn from Her...


Last week, I attended the Black Enterprise 2018 Entrepreneurs Summit. And my absolute favorite session of all was the one I attended where MC Lyte spoke. 

I’ve always admired MC Lyte for her authenticity and for uncompromisingly representing herself with ultimate strength and class. So, I was eager to hear what she had to say.

To be honest, I was not prepared for what she shared with us during the session. What she shared was very surprising - and extremely hopeful at the same time.

Lyte explained that there was a point when she felt so lost and needed help so desperately in one area of her life that she prayed and asked God to send her someone.

And no. It was not a man.

She asked God to send her someone…to help her get her finances right.

She realized that she wasn’t able to figure out how to get to where she wanted to be financially. So she sought help.

This legendary, super successful, intelligent and self-evolving lady realized that she needed help with her money. She needed help reaching her big money goals.

And guess what? The help she sincerely asked for and desired showed up.

During that session we met Lyte and the financial expert who helped her transform her money and life in ways she had never imagined.

I was so excited to hear this because this is exactly what I help my clients do. I help them transform their lives and money journey.

Hearing MC Lyte’s story was so hopeful to me because it confirmed for me that there are more and more Black professional women just like Lyte who are willing to take action on their dreams.

She asked for help, and when it appeared, she participated by taking action towards her dreams of financial abundance and success. And Lyte listened to her financial coach.  

Lyte said that she could never give her coach enough credit for helping her turn her finances around and credited her coach’s guidance with creating her money and business transformations.

We can learn a lot from MC Lyte:

What about you? Are you doing everything you can to invest in your financial future?

The longer you wait to take action, the longer you will stay where you are and keep doing what you’re doing.

Or worse yet - you will fall even farther behind on your dreams.

Are you making excuses about money and time to avoid getting the coaching and support that you need?

The thing is, we always seem to find the money for that new pair of shoes, that new handbag, that new hairdo, etc., right? It really all boils down to a matter of priorities, doesn't it?

Each day that you make an excuse is another day that leaves you feeling increasingly more hopeless about ever achieving your big financial dreams.

Instead of making excuses, you could be taking actions towards – and living – your big dreams. Just like MC Lyte (and me).

It really is true: “Time waits for no one.”

My Summit Experience

Me & Demarra!.jpg

Last week I attended the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit and it was meaningful for me in so many ways. As a new business owner, I felt like it was important for me to attend the event. Several reasons were really clear to me, while others were not. They weren’t all spelled out to me, but I knew intuitively that this was an investment I should make in myself.

One reason that I was clear on was that it was an opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs that I would not meet under normal circumstances. And sure enough, I had the pleasure of meeting several amazing business owners, including this vibrant and enthusiastic sista named Demarra Gardner. She offers business and wellness retreats for Black women. Check her out at https://www.blackwomenaboutbiz.com/

I met many other business owners, gained life-changing inspiration, new business information and enjoyed some delicious meals during my trip. You can see my trip pics album on Facebook: My Black Enterprise Summit Experience.

(Make sure to follow me on Facebook while you’re there!)

Are you STILL risking identity theft?


Financial Tip of the Day

Did you do a credit freeze to protect yourself yet? Last year I did a credit freeze with all 3 bureaus after I found out about the Equifax data breach.

This piece tells you what you need to know to freeze your credit, "Credit freezes will be free, thanks to banking deregulation law and Equifax changes."

If you haven’t done so yet, set aside 20-30 minutes over the long holiday weekend to do this.

ESPECIALLY if your information was definitely hacked. Check here to see if your information is “out there” vulnerable: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/

The longer you wait, the more your personal and financial data is at risk.

There is NO excuse for putting it off, because almost all of us WILL have the time to do it over the long weekend.

No, it’s not fun. But the FEW minutes you spend protecting your money and identity doesn’t compare to the long-term devastation that identity theft causes.

And you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy yourself this weekend. Peace of mind is worth it to me. What about you?

Sis, Put YOU First (for a Change)

Girls with Locs Rock Pic

I look around and see many Sistas working so hard on behalf of everyone else at the expense of their own needs. When we do it long enough, it becomes a habit (a BAD one) that we no longer even think about. Others depend on us and we make sure we’re always there. No matter what. Even when they can handle whatever it is without us. Even when they don’t deserve it. You know what I mean, right?

As women, we’re conditioned and socialized from youth to take care of others and put everyone else first. At home, at work and in our communities. This means we often give – emotionally, physically and financially – until we have nothing left for ourselves but dregs.

Too much, we put our dreams on the back burner to build up and support everyone else. Dreams like: going back to school. Taking that dream trip to that faraway place. Buying that new home. Pampering yourself weekly with your favorite treat. Our time, energy and money are over invested in helping others achieve THEIR dreams while not setting aside enough of these things for our OWN dreams. This is tragic.

The truth is, many times we’re too scared of upsetting the established balance with our loved ones and others (who have come to EXPECT us to put them first). Changing that dynamic can be scary. And just downright unpleasant.

It’s unpopular to put ourselves first for fear of being labeled “selfish” (I know ALL too well). When we put valuing ourselves as our top priority, we often get negative reactions. From our employers, our families, our loved ones and even from strangers (yep!).

But it’s necessary if we’re to become who we’re meant to be and achieve our biggest dreams. The freedom and possibilities that come from valuing ourselves first are incredible!

I’ve been on both sides of this coin. I've been that woman giving up my resources, time and money to others because I felt like I should. Because "good" women always support everyone else. No matter how it impacts them.

When I stopped putting myself last, I encountered the negative reactions. But I learned how to deal with them and come through it stronger. And over time, I've also learned how to put myself first while STILL generously and authentically honoring and supporting my loved ones.

Sis, now it’s your turn to put YOU first (if you haven't been). It's your time, so that you can have the freedom to reach for and attain your dreams. And every step you take towards fulfilling your dreams does help those you love. It shows them how to do the same.

When was a time that you put “you” first? How did it feel? What happened? Putting ourselves first as women can be foreign. But it’s something you can get used to quickly once you experience the happiness it brings!

About Yolanda Ransom

Yolanda Ransom teaches professional Black women how to confidently master their money, so they can achieve all of their financial dreams. She is a financial educator and coach and CEO of Yolanda Ransom Consulting. She speaks and writes about personal finance and personal development. Find out more about Yolanda and her work at yolandaransom.com

Redesign Your Celebration: Save Time, Energy & Moolah on Mother’s Day

Card Shopping for Mother's Day.jpg

Yesterday as I shopped for a Mother's Day card for my mom, I thought about how special this day is each year for my mom and family. Honoring my mom is something that I am always eager to do because she has been - and still is - such an amazing mother, influencer, shaper and loving supporter my entire life. And I know many of us feel the same way about our moms.

So as I was browsing for a card, I recalled a Mother’s Day celebration a few years ago. One Mother’s Day we all got dressed up to take my mom out to dinner at her top choice restaurant (as we had done every other year). We arrived at the restaurant looking forward to a delicious meal, only to be told that they were booked full. And that the waiting list was for several hours.

Disappointed, we decided to try her next favorite restaurant. Calling ahead, we were told the same thing by that one too, as well as some other restaurants. The crazy thing is that this happened in Manhattan - of all places!!!

This experience made us re-evaluate how and when we celebrated the holiday. My mom is not a friend of crowds - nor am I - however, we had chosen to celebrate her on the traditional days for years up until that point. Even despite the crowds and inflated prices. But now the inability to even get into a restaurant for dinner inspired us to finally try a new approach.

We agreed to try celebrating Mother’s Day on an “off” day, rather than on the actual day itself. And you know what? Celebrating it on a different day has turned out to be a wonderful tradition that we now really enjoy every year.

Actually, we enjoy it just as much - if not more - than before. What matters most to my mom and us is that we celebrate her, regardless of what day we do it on. We select a day when we can all be there. And now we don’t have to fight with crowds or pay jacked-up prices on the “official” day.

If you’ve found the crowds, wait and prices to be a happiness buster, this may be an excellent solution. If your mom is flexible and open to this idea, celebrating Mother's Day on a mutually agreed upon alternative day can be a wonderful way to have a more relaxed, cozier, quieter and cost-saving celebration.

By the way, you can do this on other holidays too! My family and I have experimented with celebrating other holidays on different days and have found them to be equally enjoyable. You can save a great deal of time, energy and money on travel, gifts, food and waiting in line when you celebrate on “off-peak” days.

And you still get to lovingly celebrate one another. Isn’t that what it’s ALL really about anyway?

About Yolanda Ransom

Yolanda Ransom is a financial educator, speaker, coach and workshop trainer who teaches people how to confidently master their money so that they can achieve all of their financial dreams. She is the CEO of Yolanda Ransom Consulting and speaks on topics of personal finance, personal development and Black issues. Find out more about Yolanda and her work at yolandaransom.com


Put Those Fees Back into Your Pocket (Where They Belong)


Financial Tip of the Day   

One area where we can end up spending a nice chunk of change each month is with banking. More specifically, bank fees. Most of us have accounts where fees can be (and are) assessed each month that we don't maintain certain minimums or other requirements.

For instance, I have more than one checking account. I use one of them for smaller bills, and another for larger ones (like rent). Each account has fees that are assessed each month if I don't meet certain criteria. However, the criteria are different for each account.

One account requires that I maintain a minimum balance, or a fee is charged. A way for me to avoid the fee is by setting up monthly direct deposits of a certain amount or higher. Another account charges a fee unless I perform a certain number of debit transactions, or transfer a certain amount of money into the account each month.

The trick is, you want to look at your bank statement to see how you can AVOID the fee. With a little pre-planning and by taking a couple of steps, you can avoid being charged the fee altogether.

Just think about it. Those fees may seem small, but they're taking a sizeable amount of money from you over time.  Multiply your bank fee by 12 months, and you have a nice sum of money that you could be spending, saving or investing elsewhere.

So, if you’ve been getting charged a bank fee each month, set aside a couple of minutes to review your statement (which is a money habit you want to practice anyway to make sure all activity looks right) and find out what steps you need to take immediately to keep from being charged the monthly fee.

It will be probably one of the quickest and simplest things you do all month to put some savings back into your pocket. The banks are doing fine. YOU need your money in your pocket. And isn’t that where you’d prefer it to be anyway? I know I do.

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The Heavy Burden of Financial Stress & Hope for Relief


Financial Tip of the Day

Financial stress is a very real and big part of life for most of us. I’ve often commented to others that I think the top 2 things that compete for our focus and concentration each day are love and money. But I believe that it is even more safe to say that for the huge majority of us, money is the number # 1 thing on our minds most of the time. Would you agree?

It seems that the further away we are from where we want to be financially, the greater our stress level tends to be. As this article explains, 1 In 4 Americans Have PTSD-Like Symptoms From Financial Stress, some of us struggling so much with our finances that we are exhibiting symptoms similar to those with PTSD.

This is very heartbreaking to me. However, I agree with the author’s statement that it’s surprising that the number of those identified as suffering from this type of stress isn’t higher. I’ve seen firsthand the bone crushing stress that debt and ongoing financial problems has had upon clients.

What I find hopeful about the article is that it illuminates the problem, providing an opportunity to seek a solution. Shame over money is one of the biggest things that causes us to hide from others and ourselves. But it doesn’t work. And it’s not necessary.

There are MANY resources, tools and types of help available for dealing with financial stress. Therapy, counseling and coaching are valuable options. There is no formula that will work for each person, so figuring out your best combination of helpful resources will be a very personal, yet worthwhile, journey.

Even if you’re not feeling stress at the level described in this piece, financial stress of ANY type steals happiness and kills dreams. Be sure to take care of you.

Take the steps you need to get the emotional, spiritual and financial help you need and deserve. You and your dreams are so worth it. 💜

Minimize Grocery Trips to Save Hundreds

Grocery Shopping

Financial Tip of the Day

I finished my grocery shopping earlier today. Twice a month, my husband and I do a large grocery run to replenish everything we need until our next trip. Shopping twice per month saves us LOTS of money.

The more trips you make to the grocery store, the more you end up spending monthly. This is because you often end up buying smaller sizes of items with the idea of needing them to last a shorter period of time.

Take milk, for example. When you buy four quarts of milk instead of buying one gallon in a month, you end up spending quite a bit more. Multiply this by all the other items you do this with, and you can easily overspend by hundreds.

With clients, I’ve noticed that those who make larger shopping trips, less frequently, spend considerably less than those who shop every week. I even had one client who shopped EVERY day. Needless to say, they had a HUGE grocery bill.

By making fewer, but larger, grocery trips every month, you’ll save so much on your shopping bill. Plus, your savings automatically increase because you end up spending less on gas/transportation to get to the store. The net result: having more money to spend or save on the people and things that you love even more than groceries 😊.

Still Haven’t Saved a Dime This Year? Try “Tricking” Yourself into Saving


As we move through the fourth month of the year, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate how we’re doing with our money goals so far. Saving up money is a goal that most of us have. (And if we don’t, we should). But putting aside money for savings is a real challenge for the majority of us. Either we have too little saved or not at all. Am I right?

Truth be told, we often treat saving as optional, negotiable or non-essential. Don’t we? But we know that is not the case. Having a savings cushion really IS a necessity. Living without savings is a sure recipe for falling into debt.

The great news is, saving is a habit that can be DEVELOPED through practice.

The way to ensure that you save money every pay period, is to add in your savings goal to your budget. When we do our budgets, we typically include expenses that we must pay to someone else. But we don’t include what we must pay to OURSELVES. Savings are what we pay to ourselves.

The bottom line is that there is no lasting financial success without the use of a budget. Visually seeing what you spend and earn shows you the reality of your actual situation. Budgets help to clarify our expenses. In other words, they detail the absolute necessities that MUST be paid to avoid losing things we consider vital to our happiness, health, and comfort (like shelter, water, heat, electricity, etc.)

A trick that I use to help me save is to include savings in my budget as an EXPENSE. I treat it like a necessity. Just like all my other major bills. I also set up my savings to be automatically deducted and transferred into my savings account, so I don’t have a chance to spend it on something else (like all the music, movies and other things on my huge Amazon Wish List).

When you add your savings amount goal into your budget, make sure you add it in as a SEPARATE additional item in your budget. That is what I do. This method has helped me save thousands for my retirement and emergency fund at the SAME time.

Initially, you’ll feel the drop in your available spending cash. So just adjust other areas of your budget to account for this. In no time at all, you will get used to working with this new cash flow and will create new spending habits.

Begin treating your savings like a NECESSITY. When you start doing thing, saving will become a habit, and you won’t even think about it anymore. It will become as automatic as the deductions you’ve set up to fund your savings account (make sure you don’t forget this step!).

Then you can watch your savings grow. And grow. And grow. There’s just no feeling like it. That feeling of increased security and accomplishment, as you see yourself steadily moving closer and closer to your dreams…

About Yolanda Ransom

Yolanda Ransom is a financial educator, speaker, coach and workshop trainer who teaches people how to confidently master their money so that they can achieve all of their financial dreams. She is the CEO of Yolanda Ransom Consulting and speaks on topics of personal finance, personal development and Black issues. You can book her to speak at your next event about this topic or her other speaking topics by visiting Yolanda Ransom Speaking

Today is the Deadline…


Financial Tip of the Day:

Today is the last day to file your taxes. Here’s some info on what to do if you plan to file today: How You Can File Taxes Online at the Last Minute—for Free.

And remember, if you DON’T t make it by today’s deadline, be sure to ask for an extension TODAY. This will give you up to an additional six months to file your return. Any taxes owed will still be due - with late payment penalties added on. But an extension WILL save you from having to pay the late filing penalty too. The article tells you how to request an extension as well.

What Kind of Week Will You Have?

20180412_165514 Edited 700x700.jpg

As we start off another week, fortifying and maintaining the “right” mindset is vital. I’ve observed that one of the hardest things for us to do (myself included) is control our mindsets. Have you noticed this too?

It’s very easy to get caught up in the “here and now” and focus only on what we see right in front of us. For most, working and living from a place of keeping in sight our personal and financial visions for our lives does not come automatically.

I frequently read books on success and principles for achieving success. Over and over, the authors make clear how challenging - and equally important - it is to control our thoughts. And that this itself IS the hardest work there is:

“Sometimes it's best if a man just spends a moment or two thinking. It is one of the toughest things he’ll ever do, and that’s probably why so few bother to do it.”  - Alonzo Herndon

Why is that when faced with the EXACT same circumstances, one person can fail, while the other succeeds at the very same thing?

It really does all come down to mindset.

“Your thoughts are the only things you control. Either you control them or you relinquish your greatest gift to others. Without control, the mind loses its effectiveness. With control and direction, it gains power…Use your mind to shape your destiny to fulfill whatever purposes in life you choose…”  -  Dennis Kimbro

So this week as you encounter the usual challenges, look for the opportunities as well. Begin (if you haven’t already) to observe your mindset. And make adjustments as needed. That’s what I do.

Guarding our dreams and hopes begins with guarding our minds. This is a habit which requires daily practice. But the good news is that “practice (does indeed) make perfect.” And this will bring us that much CLOSER to our dream lives.

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Taking the Long Route to Our Financial Dreams...

Headshot to Use.jpg

Financial Tip of the Day

It’s Monday, and the start of the week can be a very PAINFUL time. Especially if we’re doing work that we hate or KNOW is not our true purpose. That was true for me for MANY years. But the truth is, sometimes we need to continue where we are so that we can build up the money, experience and/or skills to pursue what we REALLY want. And there’s NO shame in that.

No matter what kind of work we do, if we see it as an opportunity to move us closer to our life’s vision, it can make it possible to actually appreciate that job. I do admit this is easier SAID than done. But focusing on our vision can help us rise above our present situation. And it can also motivate us to do our best until we get to where we truly want to be. That is what I did in many of my jobs. Now I’m thankfully working at my own business doing what I love and what I believe I was MADE to do.  

So, as Tupac said, “Keep ya head up,” and remember the financial dreams that you’re building for yourself and your loved ones. We WILL get there – if we stay focused and work hard, no matter the job. Sometimes we just have to take the long route.

Are You Choosing Progress or Settling for Failure?


Financial Tip of the Day

Well, we’re in the beginning of a new month – and the second quarter of the year. This is a very important time of year because it holds so much opportunity. Typically, by this point, many people have started petering out on their New Year’s resolutions or goals.

On that note, I’d like to ask how’s it going for you: if you continue what you’re currently doing, where will you be financially by the end of 2018?

If your actions are resulting in steady progress towards your goals, good for you. Keep it up!

But if your actions are resulting in more credit card debt, no savings, or poor finances in general, it’s time to seek out help. Isn’t it?

I’ll be the first to admit that change is NOT easy. And the longer a bad habit has existed, the more challenging it can be to change it.

Especially when it comes to money, we may have “inherited” poor habits and beliefs from our families. But the good news is that no matter WHERE or what we have come from, we can reclaim ownership of our money and financial futures.

I want to encourage and remind you to seek out the help you need to make the changes you desire.

Seeking help DOES NOT make you weak. It actually shows you strong you REALLY are. It shows strength to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. And to be open to receiving help from others with more experience and/or new ideas.

So, if you’re struggling to keep your 2018 goals – or have stopped trying altogether – there is STILL plenty of time to make 2018 YOUR year of progress. Find a trusted financial resource or professional and seek out all the help you can.

I get coaching help myself, and it’s made all the difference for me on my own journey. Help is there. Have the determination and willingness to seek it out.

*Ladies, by the way - because I want to offer you ALL the support that I can, I’m delighted to say that I will be opening up individual and group coaching again soon! I’m creating some exciting programs aimed at helping you ladies uniquely master your money. Email me at yolanda@yolandaransom.com if you’d like to be personally notified when I open up my schedule for coaching.

Success Tip: Communicate When You Can’t Pay (on Time)

cropped 700x755.jpg

Financial Tip of the Day

Happy Monday! I hope your week is starting off well. As we begin the month of April, this is my friendly reminder to finish up filing your taxes by 4/17 (if you haven’t yet).  I filed my taxes for this year the other day and feel such a great sense of relief knowing it’s done for the year! And within plenty of time. I paid a skilled tax preparer/CPA to do my return since I also filed for my business and want to make sure it’s correct.

If you think that you won’t be ready to file by 4/17, request an extension. This automatically allows you an extra 6 months to file. If you’re not sure how they work/how to do that, check out this article: The Pros and Cons of Filing a Tax Extension.  While filing extensions won’t change your tax bill and penalties due (if any), they will prevent you from ALSO having to pay a late filing penalty too.

One of the key success tips that I always share with clients is: always stay in communication with creditors when you are unable to pay for ANY reason. It’s always easier to work out an alternate payment arrangement when you let them know ahead of time that you can’t pay. Once you miss the due date, then you usually lose all options for negotiating and the negative consequences of non-payment kick in.

I have found - in my work and through personal experience - that almost ALL companies are willing to work with you if you let them know in ADVANCE when you’re having trouble paying.

By the way, if you happen to have a straightforward return, and would like to take advantage of free tax filing services, be sure to check out my quick training where I explain several available options here.

How I’m Saving My Health, PLUS Lots of Dollars…

My SALAD.jpg

Financial Tip of the Day

I rarely post pics of food simply because rather than photographing it, I would simply rather just eat it 😊. But I was inspired to post about my new lunchtime meal for 2 reasons: 1) I’m eating healthier AND 2) I’m saving lots of MONEY doing it.

To be 100% honest, I LOVE junk food. Yes. I said it. But junk food doesn’t love me back. It leaves both my waistline and my pocketbook in worse shape. You know what I mean? Plus, I’ve committed to taking much better care of myself because I’m worth it. I want to continue to have my good health until I’m no longer here.

The truth is, I like salad, but am very picky about which ones I’ll eat. So far only McDonald’s and Chopt have had chicken salads that I enjoy and would happily eat every day. But spending about $7 a pop every day for salad just DOESN’T work for my budget.

So while shopping at Walmart recently I spotted these Bistro pre-packaged individual salads and got so excited! They cost $3 each. And while I know it would be cost even less to buy a head of salad, fixings and everything, and mix them myself, I know how I am. That’s just NOT going to happen. I’ve thrown away way too many heads of lettuce and salad fixings because I didn’t have the patience to toss together a salad once my stomach began rumbling.

Anywho, I bought a bunch of these salads, some tomatoes and a bag of breaded chicken cutlets. I baked the cutlets and diced them up. Now I just mix in tomatoes and chicken and replace their dressing with Light Balsamic Vinagrette. And I genuinely look forward to my healthy salad every day.

I feel good about my food choice AND I’m saving money in the process (which ALWAYS makes me happy). I figured out how to make my own “gourmet” salad that I enjoy just as much as the restaurant ones.

What about you? What food hacks do you have that save both your health and your wallet? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear some more great ideas from you!

3 Weeks & Counting: How You Can Still Save Big...

5 Ways to Save $ Filing Your Taxes Webinar Screenshot.jpg

Hi there! I’m here with a friendly reminder that we have just 3 weeks left to file taxes this year (due April 17th). Are you still stressing over getting your taxes done this year? Imagine if you could have confidence that they were filed by a certified tax pro and all for FREE? Imagine what you could do with all the money you usually spend on filing your taxes? How would it feel to know that your taxes were filed on time, done right, AND that you saved lots of money doing them? Instead of stress, imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing they’re ALL taken care of this year.

If you STILL haven’t filed your taxes, check out “5 Ways to Save Money Filing Your Taxes.” In it, I tell you where to go so you don’t have to search all over for an IRS approved certified tax pro. Plus, you can stop worrying about how much your taxes will cost/how EXPENSIVE they are. I also tell you how you can potentially save HUNDREDS of dollars or even pay NOTHING to file your taxes.

Make it easy on yourself. Don’t wait until the last minute. Get the info you need you need NOW to file your taxes - stress-free - in my short and quick FREE training. Get instant access (plus a Bonus Gift) here “5 Ways to Save Money Filing Your Taxes."

Lasting Financial Success Depends on THIS…

DSCN2953 Edited autofix.jpg

Financial Tip of the Day:

I talk a lot about financial success. It is very important. It also means very different things for each of us. But there is one thing I’ve observed with anyone who has been continually successful in earning money: personal development ALWAYS precedes earned wealth. Financial wealth is not created in a vacuum. Since money is usually earned based on the service we provide, the more we develop our unique skills and talents to serve others, the more likely the money often follows.

Personal development is always something I’ve worked at, and I’d like to EAGERLY recommend a book I’m that reading right now for all the striving ladies: “Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient” by Valorie Burton.

I only read a couple of chapters so far and I’m ALREADY having "light bulb" moments and am learning SO much more about myself. Most of all, I’m learning how to think differently so I can experience greater success. I’m reading it for the next 2 weeks. Leave a comment and let me know if you’ll join me in doing so (or if you’ve already read it). We can share our life revelations together 😊.

How to Stop Being “Too Scared” to Look at Your Student Loan Debt

50280115_00301_0406_XLarge (2) Edited 2400.jpg

Financial Tip of the Day

Student loans are a BIG issue for many of us (including yours truly) and can feel like a big boulder that we’re forever dragging around. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong. I’m the first to acknowledge that we’ve acquired an infinitely invaluable education as a result of these student loans. However, it doesn’t take much to improperly manage these loans. This can happen because we’re too scared to look at the amount we owe. Or we already KNOW that we’ve fallen behind with repayment. And this can wreak havoc on our finances.

To make sure that these loans impact our futures in only POSITIVE ways, proper repayment is critical. Whether private or federal, don’t neglect to pay your loans. That would be one of the worst financial mistakes that you could make. But even if you HAVE fallen behind, it’s still not too late to get back on track. This excellent piece explains how to successfully manage your loans and the resources you need to use in each situation: How to Manage Student Loan Debt.

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Winning Money Habits…


Financial Tip of the Day

I located this fabulous piece chock full of excellent money tips and wanted to share it. These tips so resonate with my own principles. Practice. And enjoy the increased financial freedom that they bring... 5 Old-School Money Habits You Should Start Using Today:

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