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Live training for professional black women:

3 Steps for Professional Black Women to Save Thousands Webinar Design 800x800.jpg

Are you a Black woman working in corporate/a professional Black woman making $50k or more but still living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you over 30, and you’re wondering why you make good money but STILL don’t have enough to buy a house?

Are you over 40, making great money, but living in dread and fear of losing your job because you have ABSOLUTELY no money saved up in an emergency fund?

Are you over 50, earning a 5-6 figure salary, but never have money for your OWN dreams because you’re too busy taking care of everyone else who is “not doing as well as you?”

Are you a well-paid professional woman over 60 who wants to retire, but can’t yet, because you have BARELY any money saved (or worse yet - zero) for your soon-to-be retirement?

Are you a professional Black woman who’s feeling frustrated because even though you make good money you still haven’t saved up enough money for?...

  • Your dream home

  • The vacation you’ve been longing to take

  • Your dream wedding

  • That new car you’re dying to buy

  • Your kid’s college fund

  • That Xmas fund

  • Your retirement fund

  • Your 6-month emergency fund

On this webinar, I’ll teach you my strategy for how to save even if you have never had more than one month’s worth of emergency funds saved up.

Register here: https://bit.ly/2IP74Kn

You'll discover:

  • The #1 reason you KEEP failing at saving for your dreams

  • The ONE mindset shift you need to stop sabotaging your efforts to save for your dreams

  • The tried-and-true method for saving THOUSANDS for your dreams – even if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck

And you’ll learn how you can:

  • Save for your dream house on your salary of $50k+

  • Take a vacation without going into debt

  • Save for your retirement or emergency fund without giving up your daily Starbucks

  • Splurge on holiday gifts without racking up hundreds – or thousands – in credit card bills every year

  • Stop worrying about covering your bills if you suddenly lose your job

I’ll show you how - using my strategies - both me and my clients, have saved thousands for vacations, emergency funds, retirement and our many other dreams.

Space is limited! Register now to get access to this FREE live training and learn how you can save thousands for YOUR dream lifestyle by clicking here


FAcebook live event:

How to Regularly Use Credit to Build an EXCELLENT Credit Score (without Falling into Debt)."

Lunch & Learn Money Mastery Series #1.jpg

Join me for the first ever episode of my LIVE Lunch & Learn “Money Mastery” series!

Order lunch early - or brown bag it, get comfortable and pull up Facebook this Friday May 18th at 12 noon (EST).

I’m going to share: “How to Regularly Use Credit to Build an EXCELLENT Credit Score (without Falling into Debt)."

Follow here to be alerted when I go live: https://buff.ly/2rGE1mh

Are you often perplexed — and downright frustrated – by how your credit score changes so much from month to month? Is your score WAY lower than you want it to be (and holding you back from your dream job, dream home or dream car)?

Credit scores are calculated using a few factors and can fluctuate monthly based on what we do with our credit. Many misconceptions exist around using credit.

So, in this live training I’ll explain how it’s possible to use your credit regularly – even DAILY – to achieve an EXCELLENT credit score. No matter how much you use your card.

During this short and sweet Facebook live I’ll show you:

  • How you can use your credit actively every month - WITHOUT ever racking up a penny in debt

  • The second most important thing used in calculating your credit score

  • How to figure out how your credit use may affect your credit score BEFORE deciding to charge it

My credit score has been in the EXCELLENT range for years. And I’ve helped multiple clients significantly increase their score in a few short months.

I will show you one way to take greater control of your credit so that you can have access to all the best rates and financial opportunities that higher credit scores make possible!

Follow here to be alerted when I go live: https://buff.ly/2rGE1mh

See you then! 

5 Ways to Save Money Filing Your Taxes

Filing Taxes Live Event Ad # 1.jpg

Join me LIVE over lunch to find out 5 ways to save bunches of money filing your tax return this year.
Register at https://buff.ly/2CdIfc5

In this FREE live training, you'll learn about many filing options available, both in-person and online.

In this live training, you will learn about FREE filing options and more, including:

  • Where to have your taxes filed FREE by a certified Tax Preparer

  • Where you can electronically file your taxes for FREE online

  • How to find out your tax bottom line BEFORE you file

  • A stress-free way to handle your tax bill (if you owe)

  • How to use your tax refund to jump-start or boost your savings

There will be a live Q&A following the training. Bring your tax filing questions to ask me "in person."

Register at https://buff.ly/2CdIfc5 to attend and to be reminded when I go live on Wednesday February 28, 2018 at 12pm EST.

*Please Note: This training will provide information about where to file your taxes and general tax filing tips. I am not a Tax Preparer and cannot advise on specific tax filing situations. Please check with your Tax Preparer or Attorney for guidance on how to submit your specific filing.

2017 3-DAY xmas SALE !!

Instagram Xmas Sale Book Ad #1.jpg

2018 is coming soon…(in a few short days!).

Start the year off right by getting ready with dreams, goals and action steps all written down!

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Give YOURSELF the gift of success with a “My Abundant Money Book” for $13.97!!

They're on SALE for OVER 35% off.

Shipping AND tax is included!

Plus, get a FREE surprise bonus with your purchase.

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*This 3-DAY sale starts Wednesday December 13, 2017 & ends Friday December 15, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.*

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This year, don’t forget to put YOURSELF on your gift list.

Give yourself the gift of a confident, focused and prosperous start to 2018.

Get a 90 Minute “Amp Up Your Savings” Coaching session at 50% OFF!


This ONE DAY sale is on Cyber Monday November 27, 2017.  Don’t miss it!


Cyber Monday Sale!! 2.jpg


Catch the Replay of How to Save The money You Need for Your Dream (And Not End Up Broke) here!



How to Save The money You Need for Your Dreams

(And Not End Up Broke)

Webinar Social Media Image - Light Blue - USED.jpg

Join me LIVE, where I'll bring my 3-Part live stream series together into one full training!

Sunday November 12, 2017

6pm (EST)

Register here: http://bit.ly/2gwwFf7

o Part 1 The Secret to Finding Money for Your Dreams (Even When It Looks Like There Is None)

o Part 2 The TWO Things You Need to Avoid Ending Up Broke

o Part 3 The Tried-And-True Method for Saving Thousands for Your Dreams (Even IF You’ve Tried & Failed Before)


Hey Struggling Savers!

Are your tired of trying to save money for your dreams and failing over and over?

If you look at your savings from a year ago, are they still in the same place?

Or worse yet, are they at ZERO?

I bet you’ve tried:

The “envelope” method,

The coin jar,

Apps that “save” for you.

And nothing works.

You’re STILL not saving the money for your dreams.

Do you feel uneasy, worried and frightened about your future because of your lack of savings?

The same was true for me years ago.

I failed at savings too, until I figured out this system.

With it, I saved more than $12,000 in my emergency fund.

And over $50,000 for my retirement.

Before working with me, many of my clients failed at saving too.

One of my middle-aged clients came to me with ZERO savings.

Nothing worked for him until he used my system.

He now has saved thousands for emergencies.

And over $20,000 for his retirement.

Register here: http://bit.ly/2gwwFf7

I’ve found out…

The secret to finding the money to save - even when it looks like there is none

The two things you need so you don’t end up broke

The tried-and-true method for saving thousands - even if you’ve tried and failed before

 I’m able to help my clients be successful because I’ve been where they are, and I’ve done it.

 I know how to help them find the money to save for their dreams.

And I want to help you succeed in saving for your dreams too, so I’m hosting a live training.

In it, I’m going to show you my exact method for saving thousands for your dreams right away. 

Register here: http://bit.ly/2gwwFf7

Join me LIVE Sunday November 12, 2017 @6pm (EST)


Special Presentation: 3-Part Live Series

Live Series Profile Bait.jpg


Do you want to save up money for the life you dream of?

I'm hosting a 3-part series to help you just do that.

Click here for INSTANT access to the series. Plus, get a FREE gift.

Part 1: Finding the Money to Live the Life You Dream Of

Part 2: The TWO Things You Need to Avoid Ending Up Broke

Part 3: And finally! The Sure-Fire Method to Save Thousands So You Can Live Your Dreams (Even If You’ve Tried and Failed Before)

Each part of this value-packed series will show you how to successfully save money for your dreams with the same methods that I have used with my coaching clients.

Also, Follow/Like me on Facebook at Yolanda Ransom Consulting to get notified whenever I go live!


Official Website Launch Webinar:

"5 Ways to Improve Your $ Flow in 30 days!"

Webinar Promo Slide Pic.jpg

Are you struggling to get your money flow under control? I'll show you 5 steps to get control of your finances so that you can begin achieving your money goals. Join me in this webinar celebrating the official launch of Improve Your Finances!

During this live workshop, you’ll learn:
o The 5 steps that will help you take control of your money asap
o What you need to do FIRST before you can really move forward financially
o How to CLARIFY your $ goals and dreams
o How to get a grasp on your REAL $ flow
o How to create a system to finally get your finances IN ORDER
o Which tools can help you better manage your $ flow

All attendees will also receive
o A complimentary new Tip Sheet full of more ways to Improve Your $ Game!
o A special offer celebrating the August launch of Improve Your Finances!

Webinar Date & Time: August 23rd, 6-7pm (EST)