Hello. Welcome! My name is Yolanda Ransom. I am the Maximize Your Money Maven!

I'm delighted that you're here. My goal is to help you maximize your money so that you can achieve all of your financial dreams.

Yolanda Ransom  -  The Maximize Your Money Maven.   Personal Finance Educator, Speaker, Writer, Trainer & Consultant

Yolanda Ransom - The Maximize Your Money Maven.

Personal Finance Educator, Speaker, Writer, Trainer & Consultant


“If you don’t take control of your own financial future, no one else will do it for you. And you CAN.” 

-Yolanda Ransom

My Goals: Empower. Inform. Inspire.

What I Do

I sincerely believe that you and I deserve the best and that we should be able to live the lives that we truly desire. No matter where you come from, I believe that we all should have access to a life of financial freedom and contentment. In today's world it can be very difficult to achieve the financial results that you desire. It's not something that comes easily. Creating the life that you truly want requires sustained and focused investments of time, energy and money. But you CAN do it.

I help diverse individuals and professional Black women realize their financial potential and dreams by empowering them to take control of their finances. I teach the financial skills needed to master the individual resources that build long lasting wealth. Clients who work with me are able to achieve increased savings, and financial stability and growth for themselves, their loved ones, and their future generations.

My Mission

To help you achieve your financial dreams by building wealth over time. My goal and purpose is to empower you to accomplish your financial goals by providing you with the right tools and information to confidently and successfully manage their money. I only recommend the products/services that I believe you genuinely need and that will truly benefit you. Trust and honesty are of the highest priority to me.

My Philosophy

I believe that with a proper grasp of financial fundamentals, all people can thrive financially. And while we all may not become millionaires, by practicing consistent and good money habits, you can build an excellent financial future for both yourself and your future generations.

I can personally relate to the challenges of building wealth today. I thoroughly understand the economic and social factors impacting people, and am passionate about enabling diverse individuals and professional Black women take charge of their finances through developing a collaborative strategy. I am always eager to work with clients who are fully committed to learning and financial progress, and I give 110% in my speaking, writing and training.

My Approach

Connecting with you according to your needs and goals is of primary importance to me. Because the truth is, people learn best from those whom they can relate to and connect with.

Connect With Me:

I offer the tools and guidance to empower you to do the work that’s required. My aim is to help you overcome your obstacles and challenges so that you can maximize your money to create a better financial future for yourself.

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